About us

Inovative. Commited. Flexible.

Get your Business to the next level

Your business has to follow guidelines that are dictated by target markets. New businesses are formatting every day – so is your competition, spreading like weed. Our team pays attention to what is happening on the market and builds your strategy to make sure you stay one step before your competition.

Working for your success

Learning is power! Our team is constantly widening its horizon, in search for improving our knowledge and seek new insights. We aim long-term, plan strategically and socially responsibly so that your business will be successful.


We push boundaries of creativity with creating new stories.


To our projects and mutual success on the market.


With you we co-create legendary stories according to your goals.



We bring together strategists, analysts, geeks and creatives with one goal in mind: to connect people and brands in more meaningful ways.

Gregor Sušanj

Gregor Sušanj


Half serious, half playful, but always precise and reliable visionary. Addicted to tee and computer monitor. In free time collector, bike rider and high tech freak.

Mateja Uranjek

Mateja Uranjek

Design CEO

Enthusiastic about everything new on the market. With heart and soul committed to creating stories behind your brands. She is always curious art soul and an office lead vocal.

Katja Vogrinec

Katja Vogrinec

Marketing CEO

Little marketing ninja that doesn’t leave much room for guessing and coincidences. In free time perpetually smudged with chocolate.

Matic Kocjančič

Matic Kocjančič


Reachable, rectilinear and stubborn.  His excellencies are shown in achieving a quality and consistency in business and in personal life when doing sports and enjoying adrenalin activities.

ZIP Solutions is your step into the future of digital world. Together with innovative, firm but flexible team we enable our client’s better presence on the market. With your cooperation we build personalized experience which makes bigger brand impact on your final customers and thus creating new opportunities.

Gregor Sušanj

director, ZIP Solutions

"With just a little vision, we can make magic."


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