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We offer digital marketing consulting and workshops for companies of all sizes and many times to teams with the idea, the drive and the commitment. Our customers vary from established multinational companies to start-ups. With our programs we enable you to become the real marketing Rockstar that you are.

For Companies and Organizations

Need a fresh breeze in your strategy?

Our workshops are based on personal approach, so we can work on your specific challenges and goals.


“Interesting, educational, with just the right amount of fun and most of all useful new knowledge which we gained via ZIP Solutions workshops. We will surely adapt this new knowledge into our existing way of work and thus keep bringing to life our hidden Maribor jewels!”

Društvo Hiša

“ZIP Solutions workshops are exactly that, what the generations that didn’t grow up with social networks need. They made using digital media easier for us and gave us the necessary self-confidence to enter into a world of digital promotion.”

Tura Ptuj

"With just a little vision, we can make magic."


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